Adolescent Psychotherapy in Westchester County, NY

Dr. Miller works with adolescents in Westchester County, New York who present with a broad range of problems. These problems include low self-esteem, adjustment difficulties related to divorce, life changes and stress, depression and anxiety, social skills challenges, trouble managing academic demands, and behavioral and attentional issues. Preparing adolescents to go to sleep away camp as well as teens leaving for college and other issues related to separation are also a focus of her work. Dr. Miller also uses mindfulness-based techniques to inform her practice.

Dr. Miller stresses the importance of making your adolescents feel comfortable at the outset of treatment. She uses cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and other empirically supported treatments to help each client identify goals and to leave therapy with his/her own individualized “tool box”. When indicated, Dr. Miller also emphasizes the importance of working collaboratively with designated school personnel, other medical doctors, and family members.

Samantha Miller also provides Parenting Skills Training and Adult Psychotherapy in Westchester County, New York. Contact our office today for more information or to schedule an appointment.